Kettlebell Courses

Get the Edge in Fitness with Tough Love Kettlebell Courses

Kettlebell training is the number one type of resistance exercise in the world! Get the trainer edge with Australia’s leading kettlebell sports coaches. Our instructors are mad, keen, knowledgeable kettlebell instructors plus we’re highly ranked competitors.

Personal trainers and fitness professionals will benefit from the most comprehensive certified kettlebell course in Australia. At Tough Love Kettlebells, we keep our class numbers small so you get plenty of attention to master lifting techniques perfectly, confidently and safely. Book online today to claim your spot at our next course.

See immediate benefits in your trainer ability, inspire your clients and grow your business. Get a plan in place to be a kettlebell specialist in your area especially at the beginning of the year, when groups of friends are looking for new ways to get fit and in shape.

Our courses are certified by Fitness Australia. Receive 14 Fitness Australia CECs when you successfully complete our workshops.

Good techniques and tips to utilize with my clients. Thank you.
Lisa Rodriguez

Great class. Great options, regressions and advancements for all exercises.
Allyson Manley

Really useful skills taught. Great advancement from Level 1.
Clem Vertigan