Personal Training

Re-shape your body and get “saved by the bell” with our specialist Kettlebell Personal Training

We can help you get the body you want with Kettlebells and other general cross-function training.

Whether you’re fitness rookie or an experienced fitness junkie, getting the proper coaching ensures you get the very best results from your training. Unfortunately, some people believe it’s either too difficult or too technical to train with Kettlebells so they don’t even begin. We can show you how to make it simple and improve your strength and body with every session.

Whether you’re just a beginner to fitness or a seasoned player, we’re positive that you can improve yourself rapidly with Kettlebell training. This includes;


  • Increase strength and mobility.
  • Improve your core and back strength.
  • As you master each exercise, you will challenge yourself more
  • Get inspired to conquer something new rather than sticking with your regular cardio and weight training
  • Nutritional support provided
  • Tone and lose fat faster

Online Personal Training

Can’t get to the gym? Want the convenience of training where you want, when you want?

We can train you online, so you can train at your own location, and provide you with the correct programming for your experience.

All our programs are tailored to you and your current levels to take you to the desired results you are seeking.

  • You have constant email support
  • Workout videos and sent to you on regular basis
  • Support with your nutrition
  • We can tailor the training to whatever specific equipment you have available

Our trainers have had over 10 years experience in the fitness industry training people from all backgrounds and sports.

Our programs are specific to you, as your goal is our goal!