The Military Press

This would have to one of the best upper body movements a lifter could do. Not only does it create cannonball deltoids, but when done correctly it will improve your chin ups and pull ups too, as the negative portion of the movement is the equivalent of a arm chin up/pull up. I was


How to do:

1.         From the rack position  and using the irradiation technique  and power breathing  begin pressing the weight over your head.

2.         The kettlebell will corkscrew out from the rack until you have locked out your arm in an overhead position, with bicep next to the ear. Another variation is to press it straight up as favored by Girevoy Sports lifters.  (for anyone who is aghast about locking out a joint, remember your ligaments and tendons need strengthening too).

3.         Once the arm is locked out in the top position, actively pull the weight back into the rack position, using your lats and abdominal muscles (this will improve your chin up ability as you are mimicking a one arm chin up). Don’t let gravity take over!

4.         Repeat for desired reps.

Side rack, the start and finish of the military press


The top of the press


 Some tips:

1.         When pressing overhead, hiss the breath out to help you get past the sticky point.

2.         Always remember to brace the abdominals and keep the glutes tight when pressing the kettlebell overhead. Clenching your opposite fist also helps, irradiate yourself!

3.         You can tale multiple breathes throughout the movement, one to push it up, then another at the top to bring down.

4.         This is a “grind” movement – sets of 5-10 reps are usually ideal for this type of exercise.