This is the position in which one holds the kettlebell at one point of most exercises – holding the kettlebell to the chest. For example, it’s the end movement of the clean, the middle movement of a clean and press, and the start movement for front squats.

There are six points to remember to ensure your kettlebell is in the right place when racking;


  1.  Legs locked and straight.
  2.  2 points of contact between Kettlebell handle and hand and or / wrist.
  3.  Kettlebell should be diagonal to wrist.
  4.  Drop elbow onto hip.
  5.  Kettlebell over centre of mass.
  6.  Upper body hollow

Rack as seen from front


Side rack


Women need to be careful with point one, as its important to avoid any potential damage to the breast tissue. You will still need to have the kettlebell sitting in a straight line from shoulder to elbow, but just change the position of the arm to compensate for the breast.