Hello All

A few of you have asked how do I train.

Much like what I wrote about last week regarding training split and period of cycle, my training at moment for the Australian Nationals at end of August looks like this:

Warm up and mobility then specific warm up, one arm and then two arm long cycle clean and jerks starting at 16kg for 5 reps per side then 5 double bells together working my way up.

Then its the specific lifts e.g a set for maybe 2-3 minutes with heavier bell or a lighter bell for a long period, then maybe a set where I hold different position of lift for 5-8mins e.g, 10 sec in hang, then in rack position, then in overhead
or snatch in gloves (I don’t not like this much but its necessary) for 6-10 min

then at present either 75 continuous back squats or 100 deadlifts then cardio and stretching

I have included 2 examples below:
The first is a long set with 2x 22kg kettlebells and with same weight where i have to hold in the various positions of the lift and then do a normal set inbetween each minute( with this i didn’t bring normal top so after a few minutes i kept slipping off)