Hello All

Girevoy or Kettlebell sport is a competition where one competes as many reps as possible with a given weight for a 10 minute period.

Why 10 minutes? initially, there was no time limits but as competitors and coaching methods improved time limits were introduced as some competitors were performing their lifts for 45-50 min straight.

This obviously bored the crap out of everyone, Judges were known to nod off and spectators would leave.

In 1989 when the latest event long cycle clean and jerk was introduced the 10-minute rule became standard. This was considered a good limit for both spectators, judges and competitors alike.

What does this 10 minutes feel like?

It can be the best and worst experience imaginable and sometimes it is both in that 10 minutes.

It can be a mind game, where at certain points your mind says, ‘Put it down you have done enough already’.

If the first few minutes go well and your mind is calm and breathing steady and relaxed than it may well be a new PB, if on the other hand you start to race and go against your training, speed up unnecessarily too soon, then lactic acid starts to build and you burn yourself out and everything becomes too painful, if you do last the 10 minutes you will be enjoying your own special hell.

Why not give it a go and see for yourself

Here is an example of competitors performing long cycle for 10 minutes in the professional class (32kg kettlebells).