Hello All

How does one usually train for girevoy sport?

The usual split is for a 3 or 4 times a week program.

The program follows proper training protocol of using 4-week blocks and different phases to peak you for a competition.
It should be scientific planning, based on cyclical periods, e.g: 1/2 yearly, monthly and weekly phases.

The science behind it shows you should approach your training with peaks and lows in the various training phases as It enables constant improvements without burning out your central nervous system and inhibiting the adaptation process.

You also have to consider a very important factor, possibly the most important one: How bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals?

Your age will play a role as well, though girevoy sport enables older athletes to do just as well. Obviously being a 20 year is going to make it a little easier than starting out at 45.

You need to factor in your past history if you suffered any diseases, or had cardiovascular problems. For example, I spent 2 weeks training in Latvia at the Olympic centre a few years ago, the first test was 12 minutes on a bike measuring how the heart handled it, I asked why, the doctor advised that they can see if you will be good at a certain sport by the condition of your heart. if it isn’t in good condition then you may have to consider something else.

Tomorrow we will look at a sample training week