It is to be expected when training with kettlebells, as with other weight training equipment, that you may get some calluses and blisters.

The easiest and best way to rid yourself of this common complaint is by using a pumice stone or brush. You can easily obtain this at a chemist for a couple of dollars. Combine this with some non-greasy nappy rash cream such as Curash or another non-greasy moisturiser usually used on babies.

Pumices are a natural lava-based substance that is expelled from volcanoes. Due to its abrasive nature it’s great at removing the buildup of hardened skin that occurs on the hand due to the friction created by the bar/handle.

After filling down your callus apply some Curash to your hands to soften them up.

It’s best to do this last thing at night before bed.

You won’t remove them completely, but file them down to a level that doesn’t rip your hands open when next training, therefore robbing you of valuable training time.