Hello All

Along with power breathing, the second most important thing you need to learn is applying is Intramuscular tension technique also known as irradiation.

Intramuscular tension technique is the tensing of the muscles to create a flow of energy throughout the body, channeling the energy into a particular part of the body. When used with “grind” movements, it enables you to lift heavier loads. It also helps you develop a natural weightlifting belt as you learn to brace yourself against a load.

To apply this, imagine bracing the abdominals. You’re not pulling your abdominals into your spine, but bracing like your about to absorb a punch. Once you can do this, couple it with squeezing other muscles, especially your glutes. Your whole core is now active and working to help you lift the weight. From firsthand experience and application of this technique with my clients, I can attest this is true!

Practice this concept when doing grind movements in particular – It may take a while to be able to do it, but once you do, you will certainly reap the benefits.

How do I do it?

It’s more fun to learn with a partner, so find a buddy and apply the following:


  1. Take your partners’ hand and squeeze it as hard as you can. Don’t be mean and squeeze the knuckles.
  2. Now this time, before trying again, make a fist with your other hand. Squeeze the fist as hard as you can, now squeeze your partners’ hand. Ask your partner to compare it to the first time you tried it. Did they say it felt stronger?
  3. Now squeeze your glutes and brace your abdominals. Squeeze your fist, and then your partners’ hand. Once again, ask them how it compared to the previous attempts. Did they say it felt even stronger?

This is the effect of Intramuscular tension technique

Now go practice!


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