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What are the necessary skill requirements for someone competing in kettlebell sport?

1. Endurance
2. Flexibility
3. Co-ordination
4. Strength
5. Speed

As Girevoy sport is a classified as a cyclical sport (Cyclic sports are those in which a single movement is repeated over and over again, such as rowing, running or riding a bicycle)

Endurance in its many forms are the major priority (Special endurance aka anaerobic system and general)
Without it, you won’t last long in the competition

Flexibility, the ability to sit in the rack or overhead position to have a break during your set is important, this can be a very limiting factor for a lot of competitors, myself included, without being able to relax with for instance your elbows on your hips, you are constantly wearing out your muscles.

Co-ordination, the ability to perform the complex lifts with maximum efficiency

Strength isn’t a major component, as the bells are a sub-maximal load lifted for a long period of time, you still need to be able to lift them, but we are not performing a one-rep max like in Powerlifting or Olympic lifting

Speed how fast you can perform the lift

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