Hello All

Whats does a training week look like?

It will depend on where you are in regards to your training.
If post comp, your coach may have given you a week off to recover and relax

If you are in the week before the competition then you would have tapered off to allow maximum recovery and to keep you fresh and enable you to peak on the day (hopefully)

The second week out before a comp in my experience has been the worst time, as it feels like I am over training, the training is hard, you feel like you haven’t recovered enough and feel like crap usually. You do get used to it the more you experience it though as you know that on the week before the comp when the tapering begins, it feels like things are falling into place, though you need to resist temptation to do more as the workouts themselves are lighter.

I have included 3 examples of what my training looks like

You can see that it is split up as:

1. Technical lifts (your competition lifts) so in my example, I compete in long cycle clean and jerk, so I do those first with various weights and times

2. Your accessory lifts, in my case sometimes snatches with gloves to build up drip strength, forearm endurance and mental toughness (how much I hate this exercise sometimes)

3. Static holds, be it in rack position or overhead, it teaches you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

4. GPP (general physical preparedness, usually circuit training for 10 minutes of various moves, or what I am doing at moment, back squats for a nonstop set of 50 or 100 deadlifts in a row (well in that case not always)

5. Cardio, as girevoy sport is a cyclical sport we need to build up our cardio fitness for it, you can run, bike, swim whatever

6. Stretch, very important